Xuan Tu The best guide We have ever had

We are a couple in 65 and we have never written any reviews on TripAdvisor before! But Xuan Tu deserves to gain first excellent review from us. We did three day tours all around Da Nang and the experiences were absolutely amazing. We toured around Da Nang, Hoi An, My Son and hue. All facsinating places with huge load of knowledge. She took us to beautiful places for vietnamese food that we couldnt find by ourselves. She is just 22 years old but she is so knowledgeable and passionate in her job. Like the others said, she is honest and confident and surely an old head on young shoulders. Xuan Tu, you become my new best friend and We wish you all the best in your life. We are looking forward to seeing you a successful young woman in your carreer and thank you for showing us how beautiful your country is. Cheers, Bradshaw from Uk

Traveller: Jude B from Tripadvisor