Xuan Tu perfect for Study Abroad

As part of an almost month-long university sponsored Study Abroad trip coming from the U.S., we hired Xuan Tu to help us out while passing through the beautiful cities of Da Nang and Hoi An. Put simply, Xuan Tu exudes a fantastic blend of professionalism and personality that makes each experience unique. She met myself and my colleague, along with 10 college students, at the train station in Da Nang, immediately directed us to some fantastic food (including vegetarian if necessary), and then guided us through an amazing experience of the nearby Marble Mountains. The following day, she expertly led our entire group through the streets of Hoi An, providing both important historical information during her presentations at each stop; but also providing specific viewpoints about all things local. The following day, completely suggested and planned by Xuan Tu herself, was a captivating bicycle ride over to and around Cam Kim Island, in which our entire group got to experience the unique aspects of local village life — including ship-building, local temples and food, basketweaving and woodcarving, and so much more! All in all, Xuan Tu was the perfect guide for our educational and cultural needs, especially for a group of college students on study abroad. I cannot possible rate her any higher, all of my students still rave about her (months later); and no doubt, when we again lead students through Vietnam, we will be getting in touch with our old friend, Xuan Tu!

Traveller: Alex S from Tripadvisor