Wonderful Day at Imperial Hue

This was the best run tour of our time in Vietnam, and it was thanks to Hieu and our driver. Hieu has in-depth knowledge of Vietnamese culture and history and speaks English exceptionally well.

Da Nang is known to be rainy, especially during November, and of course, rained during the morning hours. It didn’t matter, and thanks to our tour guide, we kept its slow pace and felt out the day and time.

After a morning drives through a windy, green, and lush road, we had some traditional Vietnamese coffee. Next, we went to Imperial Hue and explored the grounds with the help of Hieu. He was, of course, knowledgeable and allowed us to ask any questions and move on when we wanted to. Then we went to a Vietnamese lunch, some more coffee, a pagoda, and then ended our time in Imperial Hue at the 12th King of Imperial Hue’s tomb. The day is long but so much fun and well worth your troubles to experience Imperial Hue. We had a blast.

Traveller: shawnvoyage from Tripadvisor