West Virginia University & the Program for Religious Studies Summer Study Abroad 2018 — Vietnam

Tu Mai and Lam Huynh at Xuan Tu Tours are not only amazing guides and cultural liaisons, but they are also fantastic ambassadors to regional and local Vietnamese culture, and genuinely kind, intelligent, funny, creative, and truly inspirational people in their own right. Our program at WVU has now used Xuan Tu Tours on two consecutive trips to Vietnam, and not if, but when we come again, they will be our first point of contact! Their mutual and complementary ability to both guide and instruct us while visiting ancient and modern sites in and around Da Nang, Hoi-an, Hue, and My Son is incredible and irreplaceable. Most importantly, they have become our friends, and they can be recommended without reservation, and indeed, with eager anticipation for future experiences. 🙂

Traveller: Alex S from Tripadvisor