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we did 3 tours :

the 50/50 da nang and hoi an, the my son tour and the hue tour.

The 50/50 da nang and hoi an was amazing and we were super lucky to get one of the best tour guide ever, her English was very nice and she was super friendly, smiling and genuinely cared about our experience and about communicating her passion for the history and culture of Vietnam. The tour was super informative and we couldn’t have asked for a better guide. We later asked by txt a bunch of questions about da nang and dong hoi ( the city where she is from) when we visited and she was always helpful even though she didn’t need to.

The second tour was the My son tour, for us this was the worst of the three, the guide didn’t seem interested and didn’t talk to us all the way there which was around 1h30 drive away. She didn’t have umbrella in the van even though it was raining outside ( I am not sure who to blame for that) and for the price ( around 3 million for 4) we felt like it was very expensive taking into consideration the visit of my son lasted barely 1h30. This means a 3h drive total for 1h30 of touring. even though the temple is beautiful it didn’t feel like the amount of time/information we got for the price was worth it.

The final tour was with Quan, just like our first guide he was awesome, talked to us all the drive there giving us anecdotes along the road he was passionate and full of knowledge and it showed he really liked doing this and sharing his passion. Hue was beautiful and full of awesome monuments and you NEED a guide to explain the history otherwise you are missing out on the main component of the trip.

In conclusion both Mua The and Quan are highly recommended good quality guide that will transmit their energy, passion and knowledge. We would recommend both the 50/50 tour and the hue tour. The total price we got was 12 400 000 dong for the three tours, and expensive price. The 2 full day private tours lasting 10h+ are well worth it at around 9M total priced a great way to visit the area.

Traveller: CyprienB329 from Tripadvisor 

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