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Vietnam – trip to Da Nang and Hoi An

Vietnam – daytrip Da Nang and Hoi An
With cruisevessel arrived at 13th marth 2019 in the harbour near Da Nang, Vietnam were we booked, because of the good reviews, a private excursion with Xuan Tu, Travelagency to visit a few number of hotspots in Da Nang and Hoi An. The driver and herself were waiting at the quay with a smile and a name-board. With a fine big car and bottles of fresh water the tourguide started to tell about Vietnam, the history and specialities. We should visit a few historical places of which a local market (with only people from Vietnam), were we got some yoghurt with fruits, a sweet avocado smoothie and a Vietnamese fruit jelly drink which we both liked.
Linh Ung Temple (Lady Buddha), a cave in maple mountain and the nice historical colourful centre of Hoi An were we also got a lunch of the famous Bahn Mi French baquettes with nice meat and sweet and sour cucumber.
What we very liked about this trip was the knowledge of the tourguide as well as she knows local people in the market and the hotspots, what gave us a good feeling.
A very profesional and nice experience. We got 2 hugs when we left because the tourguide also enjoyed the day with us.
Paul and Monica from the Netherlands (PS. The people of Vietnam are very friendly and helpful).

Traveller: Monica S from Tripadvisor