Very impressive one day trip from Hoi An to Hue

This tour company deserves very high score. It makes my and my wife’s experience in Hue very memorable one. Firstly, I am impressed with the prompt and responsive communication given during the reservation period. The car is very clean and matches exactly with what we have booked for (Toyota Fortuner). The driver is very polite and has a good driving manner. The company is well prepared for fresh-cool water as well as rain coat and umbrella which turn out to be very useful and convenient because it was raining all day on the day of our trip.

The tour guide, Pham Tuan Duy is very well educated and fluent in English. He can provide very good information about all cultural places that we have been to. Tuan is smart, knowledgeable young man who is enthusiastic to share the culture and history of his country. Both the driver and the tour guide hospitality and engagement are very genuine indicating that they are very well-trained by the company. At the end of the day, we have slightly changed our plan from one to the other. They seem to be able to adjust the plan very quickly and fit well with what we need. The tour guide was meticulous in detail of service and constantly checked whether we are doing OK with temperature while we were sitting in the car, whether we would be OK if we have to have slightly late lunch.

I and my wife would highly recommend the service of this tour company.

Traveller: Voravee H from Tripadvisor