Ultra-customized, very informative and fun tour

My teen son and I did a homeschooling mother-son study trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. We had several very special stops we wanted to make in Da Nang to look for my father’s 1960s US Navy doc history, most of which no longer exist but Xuan Tu did a ton of research after studying my dad’s notes and photos and found them for us – at least what was there – most are now happily restaurants beaches, wildlife sanctuary areas. She listened to all our requests, and carefully gauged just how adventurous we wanted to be – yes! delicious street food dumplings! no! spiders! yes! many steps up to the most spectacular view from the top of Water Mountain! No! for the extra hour trip to see something from a somewhat better angle. She is super-knowledgeable about the history, food, culture, religion, economics, and ecology, and is warm, cheerful, curious, and a very good storyteller, and speaks comfortable, clear, fully fluent English as if she has all her life. We appreciated both her knowledge of secret spots and views that put us beyond the general tourist path and her fabulous photography skills! You can tell she is a tour guide because she loves sharing her country and connecting on a real level with people from around the world. I would work with her in an instant for myself or for a group. By far the most professional, communicative,informative guide we’ve worked with in all of Vietnam.

Traveller: Go2theGlobe from Tripadvisor