Tours of Da Nang

I came to Da Nang with my family for a family vacation and in order to see the sights better, I decided to book 2 tours through Xuan and her company. From the get go I was more than pleased with her professionalism and punctuality when it came to sorting things out through email. She was very friendly and gave me straight answers on my questions. When it came to the first tour of Da Nang, we were introduced to Lam, our guide. Not to sell him short, he was nothing less than amazing! Always polite, very knowledgeable and loved to have a good joke. He showed us through marble mountain, monkey mountain and lady Buddha. No matter what question we asked, he always had the answer along with a joke or story. Even after the first tour ended, his professionalism and just genuine postive personality stayed the same. A few days later our second tour started and my family and I were looking forward to it even more because we knew we would be spending the day with Lam again. He greeted us with genuine enthusiasm and we were on our way. This tour was a tour of the ancient city of Hoi An. Once again Lam did not disappoint. He asked us firstly if we wanted to bike around the island or go for a ferry ride. We opted for a bike ride and he was more than happy to oblige. Our day was made infinitely better because of him. Overall, Xuan and Lam were extremely professional and just a pleasure to be around. I would highly recommend.

Traveller: Steve I from Tripadvisor