Tour from Danang to Hue with Hau (13 June 2018)

Booked the trip in April 2018 and I must say since the start of the booking (enquiries made via email), Xuan Tu has been very polite. For my trip to Danang, I have enquired a few tours with other agencies before deciding to go with Xuan Tu Tours not because it is the cheapest but because through my exchanges, Xuan Tu has sounded sincere and knowledgeable and she gain my trust to engage her tour. I have requested for a Chinese speaking guide, but I am glad Xuan Tu is responsible to inform me beforehand that my initial guide cannot make it for the tour and she has arranged for an English speaking guide for me.

Although Xuan Tu isn’t my guide, she has sent an impressive young lady, Hau as our guide. There is a slight hiccup on the meeting time, but the tour turns out well. Hau has a positive attitude. Despite her young age, she is candid, proactive, cheerful and treats her job as a guide with pride. She is flexible and resourceful. Eg. She has introduced us a lunch spot, but we decided to go to a lunch place and gave Hau an address. The place is slightly hidden but Hau managed to call and communicate with the owner, and we are able to dine at the place. When my mum wanted to buy some local snacks (this is outside the itinerary), Hau is able to recommend and we bought really nice snacks back for our family and friends.

Most importantly, Hau has a heart of empathy. As my mum has problem with her knees and finds it hard to climb the stairs, she volunteered to carry my mum’s bag even though this is not part of her job as a guide. She even helped us to take lovely photos of the sites.

Overall, the places we visited and the pace of the tour is just right. It is suitable for family (with kids and elderly), and Hau’s presentation of the history of Nguyen dynasty and stories are engaging. Driver Han is also experienced and polite, and despite the long journey there is no discomfort felt. Plus, among the drivers I have engaged in Danang, he is one of those who make us felt assured of our safety.

Lastly, I would also like to thank Xuan Tu Tours for your nice little gesture and gift of the lanterns. They are beautiful. If I know anyone who need a tour in Central Danang, I will definitely recommend Xuan Tu Tour.

Traveller: IrisN366 from Tripadvisor