Private Vietnam Tours & Private Vietnam Shore Excursion

The Real Deals when Touring in Da Nang & Hoi An!

I have used many tour companies but this is the first time I have actually enjoyed it. We were there early April 2017 and “Da Nang Hoi An Private Tour Guide” took us on a guided tour to Da Nang and Hoi An.

Most tour guides will have set time schedules and take you places where they can earn commissions. Some can be pushy sales people and visit only certain shops and restaurants.

With these guys, you can go at your own pace (as we had two adorable kids with us, we wanted to take our time and go at a slower pace) and request for places where we wanted to go. When we visit other countries, we usually want to do what locals do and not what tourists would do. These guys knew exactly what we wanted and took us around like how your local friends would take you around in a new town.

I want to make a special thanks to my guides (or my new Vietnamese friends) Guan, Duy and Whong! (probably spelt wrong) They have very good knowledge of Da Nang & Hoi An and proud (as they should) of their cultures and provinces. Thank you for a memorable day in Vietnam. When you come to Perth (Australia) I would definitely show you guys around and will be FREE of charge!!

Traveller: Minho C from Tripadvisor