The 5-star reviews say it all!

We have never written a review for anything before (apologies Amazon, TripAdvisor, Google etc!), but feel that when we experience something so special, we just have to share our thoughts, even with the risk that Xuan Tu’s guiding business will become so much busier than it already is, that it will be harder to book a visit next time. Before we arrived, all of our e-mail questions to Xuan Tu were answered very quickly and professionally, providing all of the information that we were looking for. From our welcome on arrival at the airport, to the second welcome at Xuan Tu and her Mum’s home, we have had the best experience that it could be possible to have. Wonderful accommodation and meals, very professionally-organized tours and exceptional knowledge of the local area, Xuan Tu and her Mum have made us feel very much a part of this beautiful family. It is wonderful also to know that part of the costs of the tours are distributed into the broader community that help to make the experience so special. We would be pleased to answer any questions about our experiences.
Dennis and Devi Crockford, Comox, BC Canada

Traveller: denniscrockford from Tripadvisor