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I founded “Xuan Tu Tours Co Ltd” in 2013 at the age of 22 and our company has since enjoyed over 1300+ excellent reviews.

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We got in touch with Xuan Tu after a recommendation from another tour group. How right they were! I emailed Xuan Tu about putting together a tour for us that had a bit of everything: some off the beaten track bits and some of the more touristy bits; and she did I with aplomb! She did warn us that it would be a pretty full-on day, but both her and Lam’s energy kept us going even when we were dripping with sweat on the Marble Mountain!

They met us at our hotel and first took us for “the best Vietnamese baguette” where we sat and chatted and got to know each other and I have to admit, the baguette was amazing. We then headed for Cam Kim island and met some incredible local people, drank sugarcane, “helped” (though I’m not sure how much help we actually were) make rice paper noodles and sleeping mats and visited the local boat yard and wood carving centre. From there we headed into Hoi An, drank tea and cooled down a bit, then off the Marble Mountain, Lady Buddha and into Da Nang for dinner from two local restaurants. And at the end of all that, Xuan Tu and Lam were both happy to go on, do more and show us more but we were totally exhausted!

With Xuan Tu and Lam we felt like we’d met with friends for a day out. They’re so lovely and accommodating, highly energetic and a pair of comedians who even make the car journeys entertaining!

I can’t recommend Xuan Tu highly enough. You get a guide who will happily go the extra mile to give you the trip you really want and will end up feeling like someone you’ve known your whole life!

Traveller: Lucy H from Tripadvisor 

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