Full day Da Nang and Vietnam veteran tour

My father wanted to visit Da Nang as this year marked his 50th year since he serve at the Vietnam war at “China Beach”. Most of the tours I found initially for veterans was for the entire Vietnam. Since he only wanted to see where he was stationed and how its changed, I was very fortunate to find a day tour specifically caters towards veterans just for Da Nang. Xuan Tu was very knowledgeable of Da Nang and where all the old US military areas were. We communicated earlier and we went back and forth to finalize an itinerary via email before the tour as my father had specific places where he wanted to visit or drive by. The driver drove very carefully and the car was new and comfortable. Overall, we had a very nice day. I would recommend Tuan Tu for anyone visiting Da Nang. Bonus of the tour was she recommended a local seafood place we can go for dinner and even wrote down in Vietnamese which type of seafood dishes we should get.

Traveller: xiaopangziHK from Tripadvisor 

Great tour service!!!

Great tour service. In Da Nang we had the great pleasure to tour with Lam (+++++) Sin, and Khanh In Saigon – Lan. Unfortunately Lam was committed to tour with a returning customer in Hanoi so we had only 1 day with him. He was truly outstanding. After we left him we stayed in touch. Lam told me a very touching story about his next tour with a returning US Vet that asked if the Vietnamese people hated Americans. Lam proved that he and the Vietnamese people love Americans. Use Lam if you can. Tell him Bob says hello.

Traveller: Robert G from Tripadvisor 

Daughter of Vietnam Veteran Tour

If you are a Vietnam veteran or the family member of one this is the tour for you!
My father server in the Army with the 1st Air Cav in 1968, ’69 and ’70, I wanted to walk in my father’s footsteps.
Before I went Xuan Tu (pronounced Song Two) asked me with what unit my Father served and the years he was there. She did research and took me every place he was, even places that I didn’t know about! I took a private two day tour, she will take you anyplace that you want to go, and as I said she will suggest places that are not to be missed. Her English is perfect and she knows everything there is to know!
Don’t be afraid to go to Vietnam, you will be safe with her, I was a woman and was by myself.
The people of Vietnam welcomed me with open arms and open hearts. I didn’t expect this, but they did. I also didn’t expect to make a friend, but that is what Xuan Tu became, a friend. She went above and beyond to make my tour the trip of a lifetime that has become a part of my soul.
I simply can’t recommend this tour highly enough. It is worth every penny and then some.

Traveller: MicheleMahone from Tripadvisor 

A road less-travelled: An authentic taste of Danang and My Son

At first, I was skeptical that a local tour operator could garner so many 5 star reviews. After spending a full-day with Xuan Tu, I can say that the accolades are real.

At the start of our tour, I told Xuan Tu, “I want the REAL day-to-day experience of Danang locals. I don’t want to be surrounded by tourists. I want to eat what you eat. Shop where you shop.”

Xuan Tu delivered.

After seeing the must-see sites (Marble Mountain and the Lady Buddha Statue) of which Xuan Tu had encyclopedic knowledge, Xuan Tu brought us to an open-air market where her family usually shops for kitchen ingredients. We tasted various treats wrapped in banana leaf, explored fresh peppers and fruits, and tasted savory dumplings — ingredients you’d never find in a western supermarket.

Next, we went to the Danang furniture district and walked down an obscure alley way to find a small restaurant with knee-high tables and stools. We feasted on a variety of local dishes that I’d never find in a U.S. Vietnamese restaurant. I can’t even properly pronounce the names of the dishes, but they were out-of-this-world delicious and fresh. I remember the ingredients. Dried shrimp paste, rice-based wraps, fresh scallions, quail eggs, Vietnamese pate and sausage, mangos, etc. Vietnamese cuisine is so much more than just pho and nem. You don’t know Vietnamese food until you’ve tried “Vietnamese Pizza.”

No foreigners were in sight. The place began to fill up with locals sitting down for a quick lunch.

On our way to My Son, Xuan Tu shared more insights. The importance of buildings and sites we passed. How local Vietnamese view the “American War” — back then and today. It is clear that Xuan Tu studies the history and seeks to connect that history to present-day places and people. She is as much a guide for today, and bridge to yesterday. She shared what she learned from previous clients, Vietnam war vets and their families from the U.S., and how they felt when they returned to Vietnam 50+ years later to reconnect with their traumatic past.

Xuan Tu is an old soul with a kind heart. She has a genuine interest in learning about her visitors as much as we are curious about her country.

I recommend you hire Xuan Tu soon before her time becomes even more scarce when the hotels and The Lonely Planet begin recommending her.

We are so happy to have met her!

Traveller: Jeffery T from Tripadvisor