Great day full of cultural heritage and lots of laughs!

4 of my friends and I did the Hoi An tour with Xuan Tu and Lam. Xuan Tu was very informative and full of knowledge about Hoi An and Da Nang. Lam also knew a lot although he has been doing it as long as Xuan. Xuan is a ball of energy and always made us laugh. We all loved the bike riding part of the tour visiting a rice noodle house where they make all the noodles fresh everyday and also a lovely family home where they make all the colourful floor and place mats for your house. The family was so nice and taught us how to make them, made us a beautiful fresh corn soup (best I’ve ever had). The young boy that lived there was so cute and funny, he took us swimming in the river with him (up to you if you want to get in) but a time I will also remember. Xuan and Lam accommodated our every needs and wants on the tour even if it wasn’t part of the tour. They don’t stress over time or try and hurry you along to the next thing. It was great. We mentioned that it was one of our friends birthday during the tour and when they took us to this beautiful traditional tea house where we had fresh ice tea and a foot spa, they had surprised us with a special birthday cake with our friends name on it and everything. They went above and beyond for us and we loved that they cared so much!!! They do a lot of tours around Vietnam, from Da Nang right down the HCM city (Saigon) and next time we come back, and we are coming back! We will be doing another tour with them for sure! I also did the Hue tour with Xuan Tu tours, Anthony was our guide for the day and he also was very polite, smart, spoke great English and knew so much about the past 1000’s of year in Vietnamese history and culture.
So all I can say is Xuan Tu tours is the best we have had in Vietnam and I’ve been here three times already!! Loved the experience and the memories with Xuan Tu and the team!! If I could give 10 stars on this I would! See you next time

Traveller: MattSymonds25888 from Tripadvisor 

Excellent tour guide, highly recommended

Guys, if you’re ever in Da Nang and/or Hoi An, book Xuan Tu as your private tour guide, and book her weeks in advance. She’s very popular, and for good reasons! Not only is she knowledgeable, but she also has a great sense of humour. Sometimes a bit cheeky 😉 but definitely in a good way. One thing I’d like to mention is how uderstanding she was when I had to cancel our first day tour. I was scheduled to arrive in Da Nang at 9am, so I booked Xuan Tu for half a day starting from 3pm. Unfortunately, my MEL-HKG flight leg was 15 minutes late and the connecting leg HKG-DAD decided to leave me behind (no thanks, Cathay Pacific…). There was no more HKG-DAD flight that day, so Cathay sent me to HCMC/Saigon to catch a Vietnam Airlines flight from HCMC to Da Nang. I found out that flight was scheduled to arrive in Da Nang at 3pm, so I called Xuan Tu to cancel our 1st day tour and apologise. Not only was she sympathetic about my plight, but she also offered to meet me in the evening for a get-to-know-you session. I was so pleasantly surprised, I bought her dinner – that was the least I could have done after my last-minute cancellation! So Xuan Tu, thank you for being a lovely tour guide. I hope to see you again very soon and I wish you all the best. (As a side note, dear readers, if you’re flying from Melbourne to Da Nang, do NOT book the Cathay Pacific evening flight. The connecting time is so tight, if your MEL-HKG leg is more than 10 minutes late – which a lot of flights are – you’re probably going to have to go through what I went through.)

Traveller: hi_its_stef from Tripadvisor 

Just what I wanted!

This is my first visit to Da Nang. Got to know Xuan Tu from Trip advisor.
Wanted to visit the villages to appreciate local culture and living.
She recommended Cam Kim village and took me on her motorbike
As this is my first time on a bike, she was very quick to calm my nerves and gave me tips as a pillion rider. it helps when Da Nang’s roads are not as busy as HCM or Hanoi,
Very soon I found myself very comfortable and well adjusted to enjoy the ride and beautiful

Thoroughly enjoyed the half day outing!

Traveller: floquah from Tripadvisor 

Xuan Tu – Thank you!

My wife and I just returned from touring Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Hoi An. Xuan Tu was our guide (friend) for the latter two cities, and we had the best time ever! First, Xuan Tu has a sparkly, fun-loving personality, and she loves to kid around – it makes for a very comfortable atmosphere. She is very amenable to creating a tour to fit your needs, whether they be history-related, shopping-related, cultural, or whatever! We asked her to show us some highlights of Da Nang and Hoi An, and to take us to some non-touristy places to see the “real” Vietnam. The tour she put together used cars, bikes, and ferries. We visited Lady Buddha, Marble Mountain, My Son, Old Town (Hoi An), and rural villages all in 1.5 days. Her knowledge of history is impressive. She has a vast network of contacts, including temple caretakers, food vendors, villagers, wood carvers, boat makers, shop keepers, etc., and it’s clear they all enjoy her company. She will bargain for good prices for you in the markets, also, and her meal choices are yummy (not yum!) – we went back to a place we never would have eaten at initially because it wasn’t a restaurant (more of a hawker market place – like Singapore and didn’t know about food quality), but it was scrumptious, and it saved us some money. We hope some friends of ours will join us for another visit to Vietnam next year, and we really hope Xuan Tu will still be available. Great guide!

Traveller: 474ord from Tripadvisor 

Great Day in Hoi An

Xuan Tu was so lovely. She was recommended to us by our tour guide in Ho Chi Minh City. She picked us up from our hotel and organised a car to take us to the docks. From there we took the local boat to Cam Kim Island with Xuan Tu and Bing. We experienced the Island on motor bike. Whilst I was nervous, especially with our 3 year old on as well, Xuan Tu and Bing were amazing. They drove very safely and we got to experience some unique things such as feeding chickens with the 98 year old Grandma and making noodles. They were so lovely, that I asked them to take us out in the evening, which they willing obliged and took us to see the Japanese bridge and night market. I highly recommend Xuan Tu.

Traveller: Joanne C from Tripadvisor