SIX-star Review for Xuan Tu!

TLDR: We had an amazing time.

Far from your average guided tour where 50 people are thrown onto a bus and then bombarded with facts, our day with Xuan Tu felt like we were visiting an old friend.

Not only did we learn about Da Nang, Hoi An and My Son, we chatted and laughed over delicious meals in restaurants we never would have found by ourselves. We also took many, many jumping photos! Even though we actually did a lot in 12 hours, we never once felt rushed or hurried. We were so sad to say goodbye after dinner…. We went back to our villa in Da Nang after dinner and couldn’t wait to tell our other friends about the wonderful day we had.

Speaking for myself, this was simply the best guided tour I’ve ever been on. Xuan Tu, you have set the bar very, very high. We admire your passion and we hope to see you again too! You must tell us if you ever decide to visit Hong Kong!

Traveller: Tse Yan Natalie L from Tripadvisor