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Perfect Hoi An visit!

Five of my childhood friends from Hong Kong reunited from all corners of the world and had a mini reunion at Da Nang, Hue and Hoi An, Vietnam. We had the most pleasurable time in the various cities but particularly in Hoi An! The city is so unique and picturesque particularly at night with the beautiful multi-colored lanterns in display. Our guide Lam was thoughtfu and extremely passionate in relating the history of Vietnam, it’s struggkes in the early seventies, and how the Vietnamese wrting had transformed from the Chinese characters and the different phonetic sounds. He got me so interested that I actually did more research when I returned to the States.
Lam was also a great bargain negotiator for those of you shoppers in the city center square. He is an intelligent young man who has a special ability to keep you engaged with whatever he’s attempting to educate tourists.
Highly recommend this tour company, and hopefully you get Lam as your tour guide!

Traveller: Go684275 from Tripadvisor