Private Vietnam Tours & Private Vietnam Shore Excursion

nice to see around parts of the town. so much to see. must see tour

it was great to go on a tour where the guide new what he was talking about. and very keen to show us, and answer any questions. this was a private tour with just four of us. and it was nice to do it at are own pace.what a great tour it was. it was good to be shown parts of Hoi An,that we would not have seen. well worth the money. what i really enjoy are the people. and the kids. nothing is to much for them. it was a hot day and the guide made sure we had lots of cool drinks. he even joined us. for lunch, which we would not take no for an answer To see the town i could not help but wonder what has gone on before, i bet there are some stories it could tell us. at times i felt as if i was going back in time. sitting listening to one of the locals telling us what it was like, they must have gone in some hard times. it was very interesting. and made you think of them.

Traveller: lovebali2 from Tripadvisor