My Race, Her Vacation something we call Race-cation

Was in Danang for my ironman Race, and my wife decided to get us on a private tour 2 days before the race.
Nothing much to say because their already the best tour in Danang, base on the rating and my personal experience.
Stated below :

Early that day, Cam Kim island.
Touched by the stories of the people in Cam Kim island , a small fishermen’s village settle not far from Hoi Ann , the mythical/historical town in Danang.
We learnt how locals live tru difficult moments annually by having their home flooded up to 8ft tall for months time.
Not to forget the awesome hospitality from our private tour guide Lam Huynh (If I didn’t get his Vietnamese name wrong) , giving us the opportunity to be one with the locals .
(It felt different from a ” hop on a bus ride around the city kind ” of tour)

And I like the concept of their tour is to by bringing tourism into the rural, incorporating with the locals to improve the financial status of the local needy.
Helping their young generations to pursue in their higher studies.
(Study loans don’t exist in their area)
Doing the good deed but in the same time not banging the buck hard out of your pocket .

I’ll definitely visit Danang again, just because of the touring method which I enjoy a lot.
Something different from our everyday conventional tour.

Traveller: Foo chow T from Tripadvisor