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It’s been a week since we returned from our 1st trip to Hoian . Thought I’d let the overzealous happy feels settle down a little and then write a more balanced review. Well ,I’m still very happy I made the choice to go Hoian instead of Phuket and I’m still very delighted with my friend’s advice to have Xuan Tu do a private tour for my husband .
Not one to leave things to chance,we contacted her via email which she promptly replied. I was pleasantly and very relieved that Xuan Tu wrote beautifully cos that ,I thought, would suggest that she and her guides would speak well enough for us to understand each other.All anxious queries were quickly answered via wassup following that.
Armed with a long hit list of ‘must-see’s and ‘must-do’s ,I off loaded that list to Xuan Tu and just told her to massage it into a 5d4n itiniery starting with pick up and ending with sayonara on the last day.
My husband took a look at my list and said he felt exhausted from reading it and foresaw a tiring trip with no rest and backaches to boot.
Well, we had a phenomenally successful trip cos we got to see everything in a very relaxing manner and got very well-informed even
!All THANKS to Xuan Tu’s seamless arrangement of our daily schedules and our extremely well-informed ,thoughtful ,sweet and considerate guide ,Lam! They made sure we saw, felt, smelt ate everything!
From languid walks thru ancient towns and old world civilisation to fun bicycling around an island to visit small cottage businesses to riding on a sweet-natured water buffalo and sitting in breezy circular coconut leaves boats .We even had extra frills from the boat captain..shhh! You only get the thrills & frills from Xuan Tu’s private tours .We ate at organic farms & delightful local food joints not normally frequented by tourists .
I promise you,at the end of the trip,you’d feel like you need a helpful and kind friend like Lam back in your hometown!Lam was all the time,alert to see if our needs and wants were met &that we were happy and not over haunted despite our long list of go-to places. Strangely ,we managed to see and do everything and still felt relax and rested!
It was a fantastic trip led by a very special group of people who had a head full of knowledge of their beloved country and a heart full of love for people! Xuan Tu and Lam,because of you both, you make me wanna rush back to Hoi An again soon !
I’m definitely coming back either with more family or with friends!
Thank you dears & hope to see you again..SOON !

Traveller: Jadebutterfly89 from Tripadvisor 

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