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Memorable full day tours to Hoi An and Hue with Quan and Duy

I founded “Xuan Tu Tours Co Ltd” in 2013 at the age of 22 and our company has since enjoyed over 1300+ excellent reviews.

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Inspired by the wonderful reviews we read on this site, I dropped a mail to Xuan Tu, asking for her help in planning full day tours to Hoi An (Mar 27) and Hue (Mar 28). She reverted in a day, we interacted with her on WhatsApp to decide finer nuances and she confirmed our tours without insisting on advance payment, which is rare

Quan and Duy met us on time in the hotel lobby, they had arranged a very well maintained Toyota Fortuner for us, we together decided upon the schedule for the day and set out

Both of them complemented each other very well. They spoke excellent English, explained the sites well and exhibited a very helpful and pleasing demeanor

We soon evolved into a group of friends on a holiday, with they clicking pictures of us, giving us tips on photo opportunities and they even paid for our coffee at Long’s coffee house, a touching gesture indeed

However, they remained professional when it came to their responsibilities as our guides and answered our queries (we indeed had lots of them) patiently and in detail

They were curious about India, its culture and our lifestyle. Duy perhaps was a Hindu in his previous life, so indepth is his knowledge about our Gods and their powers.

They went out of the way to help us wade the traffic, helped us bargain the right price for items we wanted to buy and even carried our stuff to the car.

They even bought us gifts of Vietnamese sweets at the end of the trip. Never expected this from a tour guide

They made our trip truly memorable. We were impressed by their polite and thoughtful conduct throughout.

This also reflects the passion and spirit of taking care of your customers, Xuan Tu has imbibed in her staff.

I wish all 3 of them great success and shall definitely recommend this company to my friends who shall travel to Vietnam in the future

Traveller: Suneel C from Tripadvisor 

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