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“Life Of A Local” Food & Culture Hoi An Walking Tour

I founded “Xuan Tu Tours Co Ltd” in 2013 at the age of 22 and our company has since enjoyed over 1300+ excellent reviews.

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If you’re looking for an opportunity to really, truly discover what it’s like to live within Hoi An’s ancient town, join us for one of our food and culture walking tours. We are a family run business and pride ourselves on providing group tours unlike anything the large travel agencies can. Come along with us to experience a mix of food and culture on foot.

This is not one of those cookie-cutter tours you’ll find on a travel website which is repeated every day. With our excellent English-speaking local Vietnamese tour guides, you will experience a handcrafted tour of Hoi An’s local delicacies, homes, markets, temples, and ancient alleyways. 

We start our day at 7:30AM by meeting at the Chickpea Eatery restaurant in Hoi An Old Town before the hustle and bustle begins! Together, we will begin our walking tour and visit the local markets where you will select fresh tropical fruits to taste, and visit a family home making traditional foods like bean sprouts. Today, large companies often make the everyday food that was once all handmade by Vietnamese people. But we want to introduce you to those locals who are still growing and making their own food from scratch.

Another stop will be to visit a Vietnmese home and explore the vegetable gardens of locl people who grow their food themselves and keep their traditional foods authentic. Hoi An’s ancient town is like no other place in Vietnam, with a mix of city and countryside with sprawling rice fields. You won’t want to miss the view of our lush green fields in summer.

Throughout the day you will savour 7 to 10 different classic but unique dishes. Some traditional Vietnamese foods you MUST try include Vietnamese drip coffee, bánh xèo yellow pancake, banh dap crunchy rice cake with soft noodles inside, white rose dumplings, wontons, Vietnamese pizza, bánh mì, black sesame dessert! Some foods like the cao lầu noodles with bean sprouts will be just like what we saw being made during our visit to the local family home. Don’t worry, there will be no strange food like insects on this tour!

This food tour is NOT about the international food chains that have started to import their blandness into our country. All of the establishments you’ll visit are Vietnamese-run local small businesses that support their communities, and are perfectly healthy and safe to eat at. We never take anyone to commission-based shops on our tours.

Our guides will be right by your side to explain the historical context of some of the foods you’ll try, such as bánh mì, a short baguette with a thin, crispy crust stuffed with marinated tempeh, pickled vegetables, coriander, and more. Bánh mì is actually a fusion of Vietnamese and French cuisines as the French introduced the baguette to Vietnam during the French colonial period. Over the years, Vietnam has crafted it into one of its most popular and well-known street foods.

Our tour ends with a cool down and rest back at Chickpea Eatery, where we will cut into the fresh tropical fruit we bought at the market, and offer you a refreshing handmade drink of Vietnamese lemongrass tea or fresh coconut. Feel free to ask our guide any questions you have from the tour, and more deeply inquire about the experiences you encountered with the locals.

Our half day group tours are perfect for smaller groups or those of you looking for a more social tour experience. We carefully curate highly unique groups tours where you can hop on the back of a traditional Vietnamese scooter with our experienced drivers, and walk with us through Hoi An’s Old Town visiting with the locals and trying their handmade foods. This tour lasts 4 to 5 hours and is requires moderate walking but nothing too intense. We will take plenty of breaks along the way, and we will provide you bottled water to cool down.

Our Hoi An Food and Culture half-day walking tour takes you deep into daily Vietnamese life. With us, you’ll discover what it’s like to live like a local in central Vietnam. Vietnam’s unique culture has been forged over many years of history, culture, and community, and we’re excited to share with you a blend of Hoi An’s historical features and delicious, delicious food. We can’t wait to meet you!

What’s included:

  • a full 5 hour private guided walking tour in English
  • all entry fees & food taken
  • cold, bottled mineral water
  • moist towellettes

What’s excluded:

  • alcoholic drinks if taken

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