It’s like visiting the towns with old friends

This is truly my first time ever writing a review online. We spent a day touring Da Nang (morning) and Hoi An (afternoon). We spent approximately 10 hours with James and Lam. We were a diverse group of 7, age ranged from 5 to 65 and bilingual (English and Vietnamese).

This tour was definitely one of the highlights of our 2 week stay in Vietnam. Of course, Da Nang and Hoi An are beautiful but I think our tour guides made it truly special.

Booking was easy. Xuan Tu was efficient and very professional. I booked the day before by calling the number on TripAdvisor (although I would recommend calling earlier as they’re busy). I did not compare rate to other company’s but overall thought it was very reasonable. Our rate included a 16 person nice/AC van, water, a driver, and TWO bilingual tour guides. It worked out for us well because at times, the guides were giving tour in two languages simultaneously.

James and Lam were a lot of fun to be around! I was struck by their love for the country and their genuine joy in showing us their towns. They were personable, caring, attentive, not intrusive, extremely flexible, and knowledgeable. We had two young kids (5 & 8) and my mother with us but they managed to guide us at a pace that felt comfortable for all. We did not have an agenda and basically told the guides to take us to places that they thought we should see. They took us to beautiful sites, delicious restaurants, helped us bargain for items, entertained our kids, and even sang. If you tour with James, you MUST ask him to sing. It sounds random but it was an experience in and of itself.

When I think about Da Nang and Hoi An now, I’ll definitely be reminiscing about our dear “friends” James and Lam. Thank you Xuan Tu and gang!

Traveller: BostonBunch from Tripadvisor