It wouldn’t have been the same without her.

If you’re visiting Vietnam, you are missing out if you do not book a few days with her. I was part of a group of students on a study abroad trip, and she met up with us upon arriving in Da Nang and then accompanied us to Hoi An where we spent several days with her. Her high energy and vibrant personality immediately made us all feel welcomed and comfortable around her. It was impossible for her enthusiasm to not rub off on us. It felt like we’ve known her our whole lives. In other words, we immediately became best friends. Throughout our time with her, it did not feel like we were on a tour. It felt like we were visiting our long lost friend who just happens to speak Vietnamese and know where all the coolest places to go are. That’s another thing, not only is spending time with her a blast, you get to also go and explore and do a lot of extraordinarily interesting things. If you really want to experience Vietnamese culture, this is how you do it: WITH HER!

Traveller: Ryan H from Tripadvisor