INFINITE STARS**Xuan Tu – I thought Vietnam was beautiful before, now I have tried the best all thanks to XUAN TU!!!!!!

What an amazing time! My group of 10 plus 2 professors just left Xuan Tu at her room 15 minutes ago and I already miss her! She took us around Danang/ Hoi An for the past four days, taking us to all her local friends and restuarants. I HAVE NEVER LEARNED MORE / ATE BETTER FOOD / GOT BETTER DEALS AT SHOPS !!!!!! Xuan Tu truly knows the area and more than our guide, became our friend for life. Please take a tour with her! You will not be disappointed! I am sad she will not be coming with us to Cambodia, but her spirit will travel with us and I will NEVER FORGET the great things Xuan Tu taught us / experienced with us about Vietnamese culture.

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