Private Vietnam Tours & Private Vietnam Shore Excursion

How memories are made

Our family of 3 spent an entire week with Khanh Nguyen of Xuan Tu Tours sightseeing and food tasting around Hoi An, Da Nang and Hue. We had such an amazing time (apart from the heat & humidity) that this was arguably the best time we had in our travels over the years. Khanh was an excellent guide, spoke good English and catered to our every needs. We definitely made a friend for life. The food tours were by far my favorite as we were able to eat like locals and in some cases in someone’s home. The food we ate were all amazing and delicious. There is a huge coffee culture in Vietnam and Khanh took us to plenty of local coffee shops. The memories we made with Xuan Tu Tours will stay forever and we hope to be back soon.

Traveller: kentucky10 from Tripadvisor