Hoi An with Lam

Hoi An is a beautiful town that boasts a rich history and delicious street food. But we’re glad that we saw another side of this city through the eyes of our local guide, Lam.

We loved that this tour experience has so much heart and soul in it. It was more than just visiting the locals’ homes and watching them weave sleeping mats or make rice noodles. It was the opportunity to interact with them and to experience their warmth and kindness that touched our hearts. The local villagers also love children and were particularly kind to my 1-year old son.

Xuan Tu Tours reminds me of a social enterprise, in which their business model sees a portion of their fee being donated to the homes of the villagers we visited. We learnt that the agency’s tour guides, such as Lam himself, take time to get to know the locals on Cam Kim Island and would work with households that struggle to make ends meet. Even when taking us to dinner, Lam picked out a highly-rated hawker, Mr. Son and his wife to serve us our delicious meal tonight. Turns out that they too have a sad story to share.

So instead of taking us to shops where the guide would stand to gain from commissions, this agency is actually giving back to their local community. I say what they are doing is simply wonderful.

We want to thank Lam too for being a fantastic guide. He’s a young and passionate man who is also very knowledgeable about the country’s history. Thank you for showing us where to find some of the tastiest street food in Hoi An and for being so attentive to our needs. We felt like we were being taken around town by a friend, rather than a guide. Keep up the good job!

Traveller: Francinettee from Tripadvisor