Highly Rate – 50/50 Da Nang / Hoi An we the Lam

Booking this tour was so easy and stress free with Lam, our incredible private tour guide.. He picked us up at 10am sharp from our hotel and we headed off for a 50/50 Tour of Da Nang & Hoi An – 10hr tour.

We were told the itinerary is totally flexible and because our resort was right near the Marble Mountains, this was our first stop. Lam was very knowledgeable and told us so many incredible stories, that this place blew me away! He even gave us a Vietnamese reading lesson, which I found very fascinating (being a teacher), in how the various symbols above letters changed the tone and/or pronunciation!

Second stop, Lam wanted to take us to the market where the locals shop, as tourists usually head to the Han Market in Da Nang.. The locals were intrigued by us, some reaching out to touch my very white (or sweaty red) skin! We got some great bargains here and Lam helped us to barter in the local language.

Third stop, Cong Ca Phe, for Vietnamese coffee. We tried the coconut coffee and the coconut cacao and both were very delicious! ️

Fourth stop, we headed off to see the tallest Buddha statue in Vietnam, The Lady Buddha. The statue leans on the mountain, facing the sea, the kind eyes looking down, a hand exorcizes while the other hand is holding a bottle of holy water like sprinkling the peace to the offshore fishermen. On the hat of the Lady Buddha statue, there is a Buddha statue 2m high. There are 17 floors in the statue lap, each floor has an altar with 21 Buddha statues which have different shapes, facial expression and posture. With it being 38 degrees and the humidity soooooooo high, there was no chance I was going to climb up to see even 1..️

Our Fifth & final stop, we headed to the famous shopping town of Hoi An. Wow.. just Wow! Hoi An TOTALLY blew me away.. The atmosphere, the shopping, the food, the beauty.. just everything! What an incredible place & experience.. Lam even organised a special candle ceremony, where we released them onto the river, while making a heart felt wish! It was sooooooo magical that a few tears may have fallen from my eyes as I let it go onto the water thinking about my late mother..Hoi An by Night really was a Treat!

Nothing was any trouble during this trip – down to the aircon SUV, cold ice towels and water every time you got in and out of the car, photos taken and even Lam carrying around our shopping so we could experience the day/shopping even more..

It was self paced and Lam made it feel like we had known him for years! I will be back with my family and will DEFIANTLY be booking with Xuân Tu Tours again! You guys are amazing! ️

Traveller: kylieg697 from Tripadvisor