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Half day tour of Da Nang/ 다낭 반나절 투어

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My dad & I did a half day tour of Da Nang. I was in contact with Xuan Tu a few weeks beforehand and luckily there was a spot available for us (despite it being the mid autumn festival). She was very prompt with her responses, and told us that the tour was quite flexible and we could request certain places to eat/see beforehand as well as during the tour. Our tour guide was Quan, and he was very nice and knowledgeable. We have previously had tour guides who were like salesmen trying to sell us other tour packages as well, but Quan was not at all like that. He was very accommodating of what we wanted to do, and when we asked if we could try a certain local dish, he went out of his way to find a good local place for us to try this dish. He said he was learning Korean and could speak Korean quite well, which helped as my dad doesn’t speak English very well. We were even dropped off at the airport afterwards. Overall, a very great experience. The only minor criticism I have is there didn’t seem to be a set itinerary. Quan kept asking us where we would like to go next, to which we responded, “I don’t know..aren’t you the tour guide?” Something that could be improved for next time! Otherwise, I’d highly recommend!

다낭 반나절 투어를 가족 여행 갔을때 했어요. 송투 (Xuan Tu)와 몇주전에 연락했는데 추석인데도 불구하고 투어가 가능하다고 하더라구요. 송투 이멜이 답은 되게 빠르고 저희가 특별히 가고 싶은곳이나 먹고 싶은게 있으면 다 할 수 있게 해주겟다고 하더라고요. 투어가이드 콴 (Quan)은 되게 친절하고 저희가 먹고 싶은 다낭 음식들도 검색해서 다 찾아가주었어요. 어떤 투어 가이들은 막 따른 투어 패키지 팔려고 하고 그런 경험이 있었는데, 콴은 전혀 그렇지 않앗어요 (대학생이라 그랫을수도 있다고 생각해요). 한국말도 꽤 잘하고 케이팝에 관심이 있어서 한국 가는게 꿈이라고 하던군요 ㅎㅎㅎ. 덕분에 영어가 짧은 아빠가 이해 하시는데 꽤 도움 되었어요. 딱 한가지 좀더 잘 할수 있는게 있다면 예정이 딱 딱 짜여저서 다음 이동 할곳 이런게 좀더 잘 짜여져 있었으면 해요. 투어 도중에도 그렇고 콴이 계속 다음엔 어디 갈까요 하는데 그런건 가이드가 어디가 더 가깝고 등등 다 따져서 미리 좀 틀이 잡혀 있었으면 햇어요. 그래도 전반적으로 되게 좋은 투어엿어요!

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