Guide With Heart, Lam from Xuan Tu

Very pleased to have Lam as our guide when my hubby booked a day trip through Xuan Tu.

Left me very deep impression when he emphasized the importance and value of “heart” he practises as a guide which is aligned with his company’s belief. Of course it is also our family core value. Feel very good when he instilled that to our teenagers and small kid during the trip, too. He is very humurous and fun to be with. Places and people he brought us to did not make us feel we were being taken advantage. We have lots of laughter and jokes throughout the trip.

Thank you Lam. It is your sincerity and heart that made us felt comfortable, relaxed and comfortable and well taken care of. Hope to see you in Singapore and our Buffalo Ning can show you around.Just joking. We will show you around Singapore with our lovely kids.

Traveller: Kin N from Tripadvisor