We had two tours booked back to back – Da Nang and Hoi An and then My Son on the following day. Braved the downpour on both days and turned out to be a grand experience.

On the first day, Quan and Mua Thu were our guides to Da Nang and Hoi An. They were really accommodating and friendly. Took time to explain each site and location. The climb up the Marble Mountain was a bit treacherous with all of the water running down the steps (mini-waterfalls, as Quan called it). We spent the afternoon with a visit to Hoi An – highlight was towards the end of the evening with all of the lanterns lit.

Second day tour to My Son started in the afternoon with our tour guide Lam. He was humorous and very personable. It kind of felt like getting a tour from a friend. Again, it was raining- but that didn’t damp our spirits. Walked around all historical sites and learned about the Champa folks.

This was truly a 5 stars experience. Thanks Xuan Tu!

Traveller: 8garyy from Tripadvisor