Private Vietnam Tours & Private Vietnam Shore Excursion

Fun and worth tour

My friend and I booked for a day tour from 8am to 6 p.m. to go to My Son and Banah Hill. And we were asked if we want to eat buffet, but we turned down and prefer local food. So the itinerary is quite flexible. the driver with the tour guide will take care of us to get up and drop off the car, of course the tour guide is with us all time throughout the day.
The guide will explain the history of it. And also when we still have time, and we asked for coffee, he will suggest place to go and also it’s up to us finally to go to a popular caf√©. Finally he need to left the tour at day end, the driver will then send us back to the hotel.
It’s a very comfy tour experience.

Traveller: hoesk1980 from Tripadvisor