Private Vietnam Tours & Private Vietnam Shore Excursion

Forget a Tour Bus!

We’re actually not the type to go on organized tours. Instead, we like to do research, talk to people, and figure things out on our own. But we had limited time and wanted to make the most of our one day in Da Nang, so decided to hire a private tour guide. Boy were we glad we did.

Our tour was with Tommy, Xuan Tu’s colleague. He and our driver picked us up in Hue and took us to our hotel in Da Nang. Tommy is great fun to be around. The drive was pleasant, fun and informative. After some time to freshen up, our tour resumed. We saw all the usual sites, but the bonus for us were the intimate local ones — the coffee shop and restaurants we would never have gone to without someone to guide us.

The only downside is that we only had one day! We didn’t get to visit Hoi An, Tommy’s home town, or some of the other places that seemed so amazing. When we return — and we will — Xuan Tu and Tommy will be the first people we call.

Traveller: Yvonne M from Tripadvisor