Lam is the funniest, most knowledgeable and easy going guide you will ever meet. Our tour of Hoi An with him was unquestionably the highlight of our trip to Vietnam, and this was all because Lam made the tour so enjoyable. It’s difficult to put into words what makes him such a good tour guide. I think it was Lam’s unique ability to tie together personal anecdotes about life in Vietnam, ancient and modern history and good food that created an immersive experience. We felt like we were being shown around by a lifelong friend, not somebody we met a couple of hours before. Lam even went out of his way to show us interesting sights around Danang just to improve our experience.

You could go see Hoi An by yourself, but you won’t truely understand Hoi An or Vietnam without spending time with Lam. What a fantastic time!

Traveller: Samuel L from Tripadvisor