Family Tour with 11

Tour guides, Mr. Duy and Ms. Tram are both friendly and smiles a lot. They can speak both English and Chinese which is helpful for our group. After introducing themselves, they asked for our names, and make the effort to remember and addressed us by names.

They took good care of our families, especially my elderly mother-in-law who has painful knees and walking difficulties. Ms. Tram held my mother-in-law’s hands and accompanied her throughout the tour while the rest of us can rest assured and take care of the other children.

My wife who fell sick and vomited during the journey back to the hotel. The driver stopped the mini-van to get some water and sweet to freshen my wife. We offered to pay for the water and sweet but they declined to accept and said it is a small gesture only.

Thank you for taking good care of us and making our tour pleasant and enjoyable!

Traveller: Trip310320 from Tripadvisor