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Fabulous Day Walking Tour of Hoi An

What a truly memorable experience. My wife and I booked a day tour of Hoi An. The itinerary proved to be an ideal way to gain knowledge of the history and culture of the area, and also a great way to immerse ourself in current day Hoi An. The attractions, activities and food were all fantastic.

However, the real highlight of the whole day trip for us was our guide Tommy. Tommy was well-informed, polite and considerate for the entire day. He talked in detail about local customs, lifestyle and food with real enthusiasm. As a local he is definitely an ambassador for Hoi An.

One fascinating aspect that we’ve rarely encountered from other trips was an insight of what it is like to be a young man in current-day Vietnam. Tommy was kind enough to share some information on family life in the modern day. Something that we both found completely fascinating.

All in all, we were both absolutely delighted by the personal aspect of the trip and would thoroughly recommend the trip to anyone.

Traveller: Campbell F from Tripadvisor