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Excellent Danang Day Tour

During our 12 days in Vietnam, we went on 5 different private tours, and this was probably my favorite. Although Danang was not my favorite city (Hue was!), Lam made our day trip around Danang so much fun! What stood out about our tour with Lam was that he asked questions, listened to what we told him, and no doubt took us to places based on this information. We have lived in and have traveled the Asia region extensively, and it is so hard to find a tour guide that doesn’t just do a “made for the masses” itinerary. Of course Lam took us to visit all the main tourist sites, but he also took us to several less-touristy, more local places to eat and have coffee. In fact, at one of the locations, we were the only tourist! His information didn’t seem scripted, he was full of enthusiasm for his city and country, and it felt like we were just hanging out with a friend for the day. The weather wasn’t great the day we were there, and instead of just dragging us along as most guides do to stay on schedule, he was flexible and came up with options that we were very happy with. I can’t say enough great things about Lam and our day tour. Unfortunately, Xuan Tu had limited availability as I booked at the last minute during the peak holiday season, otherwise I would have gladly booked every tour her company has to offer!

Traveller: TrishaC999 from Tripadvisor