This was my first visit to Hoi An and to Vietnam. I didn’t book too much before I left because I wanted a feel for what I wanted to do after I arrived. I looked all over Trip Advisor and a few other sights for a couple of hours and figured to start with the company that was rated the best (knowing full well they would not get back to me in time for the tour I wanted the next day).
A very nice surprise and a sense of relief when XuanTu got right back to me on her mobile and within a few minutes I had a full days tour booked for the next morning. She wasn’t available to take me out and about however she arranged for one of her partners to show me Hoi An.
I don’t even know where to start so will begin by saying the entire day was an A++.
The next morning Hai picked me up on his motorbike 5 minutes before the scheduled time and appeared to be professional, courteous and well spoken. He turned out to be that and more! He started off being patient with me needing some things from a store that I forgot to bring on the trip. Thank you again Hai! After that we started off at a local coffee shop where I met a couple of his soccer buddies and continued onto Cam Kim Island where I met quite a few locals, went into various homes, learned about and cooked some local food, heard about agriculture, boat building and local experiences. This was just the beginning but needless to say we went all over the place for the entire day. Every where we went Hai was so enthusiastic about explaining in detail what each spot was and its complete history. In some cases he explained centuries of change in Vietnam and it was obvious to me that I hit the jackpot with this company and especially with this very intelligent and passionate tour guide. Hai even showed me where to get the best massage in town.
I am a department head in a high pressure hospitality environment and know what it takes to please clients. This went way beyond and will surely be up there with tours I have taken in over 60 countries throughout the world.
Thank you Hai and Xuantu for making this a day that I will remember for a long time! I will recommend you both to anyone who wants to have a first hand local cultural experience in a way that paints a true picture and for a short time makes you feel like you are part of the family.

Traveller: marksW8374LI from Tripadvisor