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It’s 9am on a Thursday and my husband and I both find ourselves reminiscing on yesterday’s day trip with Xuan Tu. We were looking to have our day revolve around local eateries and experiencing local culture and Xuan Tu was able to accommodate our request.

Xuan Tu has the ability to break the ice from the get-go. Neither awkward or silent moments ever came to play and if there was, it was her singing over the radio to her favorite song (or songs!). She regards clients as friends…not clients and THIS is what makes a great tour guide. From her sassy personality and her witty jokes, it was a pleasure to have spent a day with Xuan Tu.

Our day kicked off with some Vietnamese coffee at Long Caphe then it was off to Cam Kim Island for a few hours of some local immersion. We visited a 10 generation old wood craftsman who kindly obliged to take some photos with us; continued on our bicycle tour to a dockyard with a crash course on the 3 different boat types and details surrounding the “eyes” on each boat; then it was off to rice noodle making; we continued on with a family who weaves sleeping mats where we were able to both observe and assist in the process; last but not least, a visit to the family temple of the village.

The highlight of our visit to Cam Kim was a visit with the oldest female villager and an enlightening talk with Xuan Tu about the Vietnam War/American War. Time flew by and it was off to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hoi An.

This bustling town will fill your senses with it’s sights, sounds and smell. Street vendors lined the streets and our senses were sensitized of the amazing smell the town had to offer. We took a boat tour and had a chance encounter with the “lady with the most beautiful smile”.

With our bodies exhausted and our bellies full, there is nothing more to say but reminisce on the amazing day spent with Xuan Tu.

Here’s our 2 cents: if Xuan Tu is not able to accommodate you on the day you want, we would highly recommend (if possible) to see if she is available on another day…then book her! You will experience everything except disappointment. Should we find ourselves on this beautiful part of the world, you best bet we will reach out to Xuan Tu.

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