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Definitely the best and friendliest tour guide in Danang!

To be honest I’ve been to a lot of tour and none of the tour guides are comparable to Xuan Tu.

So here is 5 simply things I felt that she is definitely the best tour guide.

1) Firstly and most importantly, she cliques with us so well that we became good friends, someone who not just share her knowledge on the country but also someone who thinks and laugh with us so much that she is just like one of us.

2) Secondly, Xuan Tu is very adaptable and accommodating. As her first time taking a group of males, she became like one of our buddies and also accommodate with our sudden request.

3) Thirdly, I guess no one would want a boring tour guide right? She is hilarious and cracks lot of jokes.

4) Fourthly, for those foodies, just trust in her as she will bring you to the best food in danang at a very affordable price (unlike tour guides who bring you to restaurants and food are in hefty prices )

5) Lastly , knowledgeable is a very important aspect as a tour guide and she is someone who can share so much about the history of the scenic places such as ( My Son) and also answer our queries easily.

Once again, thank you very much Xuan Tu for the amazing tour in danang, we really appreciate it !

-Chris (Singapore)

Traveller: chrisaZ7716UB from Tripadvisor