DaNang // Hoi An Tour

XuanTu provided the best tour a college aged foreigner (American) could ask for! I have been in DaNang for two weeks, and by far was this the best day I have had in the city. XuanTu provided a joyful attitude the entire 12 hours we were together, and she always thought about her customers (or now friends!) before anything else! She has such great sense of humor and charm that people any ages can relate to her. She is loving, caring, happy, curious, and a GREAT listener!! Her knowledge of the sites in DaNang and Hoi An was very impressive. She provide me with a lot of great information that I would have really struggled to put together myself. Plus, she also is a great barginer so you can get the lowest price possible for any gifts you may want to purchase, and has a very good eye for amazing food venders! I also should mentioned that all XuanTo provides is (currently) in a passionate 23 year old woman. She has such amazing life goals she she is working really hard for (currently 7 days a week for 10 – 12 hours a day). I would HIGHLY recommend XuanTu as your tour guide for any trips you may want to learn about!

Traveller: Andrew V from Tripadvisor