DaNang food tour + 50/50 Hoi An + Danang tour on the next day

Splendid booking with Xuan Tu Tour in WhatsApp. The staffs are very friendly and helpful. They sent you all the info you needed within the same day and confirmed the booking afterwards.

Hieu, our tour guide, and his teammates are outstanding. He is a local with major in English. No issue in communication or whatsoever. He is very knowledgeable in the history and the culture of Vietnam and definitely added a lot of insight when we go through all the tourist attractions.

Besides, he bought us to a few hidden restaurants and coffee shop where only local will go. The food are outstanding. I can assure that you will not forget the taste after you go back to your own country.

Hieu told me he has a long list of top picked restaurants by locals. Be sure to tell him what you need and he will customized the tour base on your needs. He will surprise you.

I will definitely join the tour again when I come to Da Nang next time.

Traveller: Discover361529 from Tripadvisor