Hoi An Private Sightseeing & Food Tour

Hoi An Tours - Sightseeing and Food Tours

By joining together our successful evening food tour with late afternoon sightseeing we offer a Private Guided Tour for our visitors who may only have limited time in Hoi An, or for those who just want to experience a ‘snapshot’ of this most enchanting town with its foodie culture! Today’s Hoi An is an expanding country town surrounded by paddy fields farmed mainly by women in ‘coolie’ […]

Private My Son Sanctuary Tour

my son with xuan tu private vietnam tours

My Son Sanctuary is a microcosm of Viet Nam, past & present.  Your Xuan Tu Private Tour of this historic site from either Da Nang or Hoi An encompasses much of Vietnamese history; The Champa Kingdom, Hinduism, Chinese Invasion, the rise of the Viet’s, the French colonial period, The Vietnam War, UNESCO recognition of Viet Nam’s culture & history, […]

Ba Na Hills, The Golden Bridge, Cable Car Private Tour

golden hand bridge with xuan tu private vietnam tours

First established in 1919, Ba Na was built as a hill resort for the colonial French to escape the summer heat of Central Vietnam’s coast.  From the original’s ruins, Ba Na was rebuilt into an eco resort and fantasy theme park starting 1998.  It is still evolving today and for the second year running, Ba Na Hills has been awarded the title of […]

The Imperial City of Hue Full-Day Private Tour

The Imperial City of Hue, some 2½ hours from Da Nang is recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  Hue is a historic centre for food, religion, culture, royal palaces and tombs of Vietnamese kings.  From 1802 to 1945 Hue was the national capital of Vietnam.   This is one of my longer private day tours, a full 10+ […]

Da Nang Private Sightseeing & Food Tour

Da Nang is my home town and I really love sharing it with my overseas friends. This tour is designed to immerse you in my country’s culture, history and beliefs, smell and taste of Central Vietnamese food – unique culinary traditions that stimulate all five senses at everyday prices for local people, and prepared with pride at market food stalls. Our full […]

Private Hoi An Tours from Da Nang or Hoi An

Tour Itinerary Hoi An can absorb your day with ease, so my Private Hoi An tours are a full 10 hours long with two morning-options. With a 10.30 am ‘meet & greet’ at your Hoi An or Da Nang hotel and we make frequent comfort breaks to freshen-up.  Our guide Lam was extremely knowledgeable, courteous and […]

50/50 Hoi An & Da Nang Private Tour

This is our very popular 50/50 2-centre private tour, encompassing the historic Old Town of Hoi An with the vibrant modern city of Da Nang.  Hoi An and Da Nang can absorb your day with ease so my private tour is a full 10 hours long and includes the beauty of night time Hoi An.  We start our tour […]