Da Lat Central Highland Private Food Tour

Da Lat is the city of love, flowers, nostalgia. Thanks to its limited involvement in the war, Dalat has kept much of the French influence and architecture which gives it its European charm. Time seems to move slowly in Da Lat; the locals are never in a rush, they would rather slow down to enjoy life. […]

Da Lat Countryside & Waterfalls Private Tour

Today, and after your breakfast, we set out for our special Da Lat countryside and waterfalls full-day tour including Pongour Waterfall. The waterfall is imposing, but not formidable. Its beauty is poetic and praised by the locals as well as tourists. Its polished steps look like a natural amphitheatre! A stream of water powerfully plunges […]

Private Da Lat ‘Highlights’ City Tour

Da Lat is a jewel in the hot, humid, jungle landscapes of Vietnam. This beautiful town could be mistaken for a European town thousands of miles away and is one of my personal favourites in Vietnam. Often nicknamed “The City of Eternal Spring”, Da Lat has a temperate climate making it an ideal escape from […]