Better then the best, not to mention the rest!

We had a day tour of DaNang with two young women who were recent graduates of the local hospitality school.They were extremely knowledgeable, spoke perfect colloquial English (like “okay dokey” and “Go Bronco.”

We hit all of the highlights of this town, and had a ball. The young women, Tran and Thu taught us heaps of Vietnamese while soaking up the religion and the culture. We went to the market and ate fruit as colourful as peacocks. We learned enough Vietnamese to get into trouble with the locals.

Oh yes the food, we went to a local place call Banh Xeo on Hoang Dieu Street. The place looks like it needs a paint job but dug into the pancakes filled with vegetables, prawns and lamb. All washed down with a local brew. It is hard to find but the cab driver should know it as he probably eats there twice a day.

Oh yes the driver, Thank (i think the spelling is right) should be racing cars on the circuit.
He did such amazing things that his next job will be with Toyoyota

So let me leave this review with a little Aussie we taught the girls: “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie-Oi Oi Oi.”

Traveller: Les M from Tripadvisor