Best Tour Guide Experience!

Recently we took a private tour with Lam to My Son and it was absolutely wonderful. We had our 4 month old with us and Lam and the other guides went out of their way to ensure everything was as comfortable as possible. They were extremely responsive to all requests and often preempted them with their kind offers.

In addition to providing our amazingly detailed and informative tour to My Son, they went above and beyond what we had requested and took us to a famous Bahn Mi restaurant because we indicated an interest during idle conversation. They helped us get great seats and order in what otherwise would have been a fairly daunting endeavour for us alone given the popularity of the restaurant.

After dinner they helped us buy some baguettes to take home!

Overall, they made this a wonderful and memorable trip for us and our family that joined. I realize that the prices of this tour are a bit higher than others, but for us it was well worth the extra cost. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Traveller: BillyGnosis from Tripadvisor