BanaHill toure

My family, 12 adults & 2 kids, enjoyed Bana Hills tour with our guide Guan. He has good knowledge of the place and was very helpful.. He spoke very good Enlish. Not only Enlish. His korean was good alao. He tried to speak Koean to my family. I really touched and appreciate it. Thank you Guan

대가족 투어여서 가이드가 절실했었는데 .. 영어 발음도 좋아서 알아듣기 쉬웠고, 굉장히 열심히 일해주었습니다. 게다가 한국어도 잘해서 저로써는 어찌나 편하고 고맙던지.. 차량, 투어 내용 모두 만족입니다


Traveller: MinkyungK118 from Tripadvisor