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Ba Na Hills day tour

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We booked a private tour to Ba Na Hills for our 1st day in Da Nang. With Mr Lam from Xuan Tu Tours, the day was well utilized! He was so nice and friendly, and made me feel as if I had a friend I knew for years here, welcoming me when I was going to visit his town.

Our flight landed at 9am and picked up by Mr Lam from airport and suggested us to a small local, yet gave you authentic taste, restaurant having pho as breakfast to start the day. This is a good move or else we could be starved on the way we arrived there (it took almost 1.5 hours for car to reach the cable car station and then the cable car).

At Ba Na Hills we had a lot of fun and memories as Mr Lam showed us what we could do there. For a couple to go travels, it’s always great to have someone to take photos for you whenever you wish to, especially when there were lots of places worth doing so. We found the time flies during long queue for a ride because Mr Lam was talkative and was able to share with you about the background and history of each place in Da Nang, people’s lives there, and even Hong Kong my home town!

Through chatting all day, Mr Lam knew that we had a list of souvenirs to grab and thus after we left Ba Na Hills, he took us to a local market (Con Market) and bought a lot like Durian cakes, coffee cracker, coffee mugs, etc. I couldn’t see how I can get there without him: First the traffic during rush hours made us so difficult to cross the road without his help; Second though it’s easy to find Con Market appearing in the Internet as one of the suggested checkpoints in Da Nang, it’s not easy for foreigners to talk to the local people when you have a question about the content or the price.

Before we close the day, Mr Lam knew that we might have difficulties to have our dinner since there was not much near our hotel and was quite far away from the city centre. He took us to another restaurant for local people which we enjoyed a lot as it gave me another experience of local’s life and a genuine taste of local food.

We truly appreciate the friendship we had beyond the a tour guide service and looking forward to seeing Mr Lam in the future.

Traveller: Alton_Sin from Tripadvisor 

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