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I founded “Xuan Tu Tours Co Ltd” in 2013 at the age of 22 and our company has since enjoyed over 1200+ excellent reviews.

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부모님과 함께 셋이서 일주일간 자유일정과 투어를 섞어서 다낭, 호이안, 후에, 미선 유적지에 다녀왔어요.
오기 전에 궁금한 점이 많아서 이멜을 열번 넘게 보냈는데 Xuan Tu가 하나하나 다 빠르고 친절하게 답변해줘서 좋았습니다.
처음 며칠은 Quan과 함께 다녔는데, 역사랑 문화에 대해서 설명도 잘해주고, 음식점도 저희가 먹고 싶은 메뉴를 말하면 맞춰서 맛있는 곳들도 데려다 주더라구요!
일정 급하고 빡빡하지 않고 저희 페이스에 맞춰서 쇼핑하고 싶은것들도 다 해가며 여유롭게 투어해서 편했어요.
Quan이 영어는 농담도 해가며 아주 잘하고, 한국말도 기본적인것들은 잘해요. 케이팝에 관심도 많고, 한국어 배우는것도 아주 열심이라, 앞으로 한국어는 더 잘하게 되지 않을까 싶네요.
날씨가 정말 더운데, 깨끗한 차에 에어콘 빵빵하게 켜고, 시원한 물과 타올도 자주 챙겨줘서 쾌적하게 여행했습니다. 기사분들도 친절하시고 안전하게 운전 잘하세요.
중간에 Xuan Tu랑 저녁도 같이 먹고 이런저런 얘기 나눴는데, 진짜 투어에 대한 열정이 가득하고, 친절해서 감동받았네요.ㅋㅋㅋ
마지막 날은 Hau랑 미선 유적지에 갔는데, 장난끼도 많고 유쾌해서 이런저런 설명 들으며 즐겁게 다녀왔습니다.
딱 한가지 아쉬웠던건, 다음날 일정이 몇시에 시작하는지 미리 안알려주길래 가이드한테 물어보면 자기들은 잘 모르고 Xuan Tu한테 물어봐야한다고 하더라구요. 가이드들이 미리 일정을 알려주고 내일 몇시에 만나자고 말을해주면 더 좋을꺼 같아요.
전체적으로 아주 만족스러운 투어였습니다. 🙂

I had a blast traveling to Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, and My Son Sanctuary with my parents.
Xuan Tu was very prompt and kind in responding to all of my emails even though I sent more than 15 emails!
Quan was our tour guide for the first few days. He is very sweet, and knowledgeable about history and culture. He took us to good local restaurants according to our cravings. He was also very accomodating–we never felt rushed and did everything we wanted at our own pace.
Quan’s English is very good, and he even spoke some Korean. Seems like he has a talent for picking up foreign language pretty quickly.
All of the private vans were clean and kept us cool in the scorching hot weather. We appreciated cool water bottles and towels that they provided for us.
Drivers were also very kind, and drove safely even in busy traffic.
We had a chance to meet Xuan Tu for a dinner, and we could tell that she cares a lot about her customers and tries her best to provide great experience for them.
On the last day we went on a tour of My Son Sanctuary with Hau–she is really fun and has a good sense of humor. 🙂
One minor suggestion for improvement: it would have been better if the guides told us the next day’s schedule in advance so that we know what time to get ready by. Seemed like the guides were not aware of the next day’s pick up time? It wasn’t a big issue since I could message Xuan Tu the night before to ask about it, but just a thought. 🙂
Overall, my family had a pleasant experience, and would definitely recommend working with Xuan Tu for your visit to Da Nang area!
Thank you Xuan Tu, Quan, Hau, and the drivers! 🙂

Traveller: ssandra_k from Tripadvisor 

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