Awesome guide!

This was my first time going to Da Nang and having a tour guide showing me and some friends around for a day trip. The day was nothing like what you would expect.

It wasn’t just your typical tour guide saying “on my left here you can see……. and on my right is the…..”

Xuan Tu was very personalized, looking after a small group of us (5 people) she was fun and shared some very interesting history of the places we went to.

The tour was very smooth and nothing was rushed, she was very accommodating especially when we had some last minute requests and on the spot cravings.

Xuan Tu was absolutely flawless and we all clicked instantly. Keep in touch and see you again soon, either back in Vietnam or perhaps you should come visit us in Hong Kong! 🙂

Traveller: xero_1 from Tripadvisor